Crionic - Different (remastered)

Different (remastered)


Vydáno: 11.11.1993

Žánr: Metal/HC

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By Encyclopaedia Metallum - Fascinating late thrash release. During their thrashiest moments, Crionic sounds a lot like Sepultura circa "Arise." To that base they add a strong tech thrash quality with lots of acoustic interludes, odd one-off riffs, and parts that are lifted out of other, less abrasive genres. It's a fascinating and tasty stew, and it's to their credit that it works so well most of the time.

  1. 1. Difference
  2. 2. Mortal anxiety
  3. 3. You can never understand
  4. 4. For you
  5. 5. To die for descent
  6. 6. The pictures of torture
  7. 7. Irritating inertia
  8. 8. Terrible solitude
  9. 9. Absent - minded
  10. 10. About tenor