YamahaBand - F a t u m

F a t u m


Vydáno: 30.11.2018

Žánr: Indie/Alternativa

The Album Fatum I composed in year 2018 and I compose it for a girl Vendula Hejdukova who I dedicated it that completed album This is album about the fate becuase you can never know when real fate love will awaits for you. I would like to farewell with this album and I encourage you to listen my other albums who I composed before.
I Wish you very best time in your life and enjoy that my last final record which is of all my masterpieces.
Lukas Merinsky - Yamahaband (cheef composer)

  1. 1. Lukas Merinsky - Fathum - Main Titles
  2. 2. 02. Lukas Merinsky - Fathum - First…
  3. 3. Lukas Merinsky - Fathum - We are married
  4. 4. Lukas Merinsky - Fathum - We do not…
  5. 5. Lukas Merinsky - Fathum - Just Tell Me…
  6. 6. Lukas Mertinsky - Fathum - I Can Feel…
  7. 7. Lukas Mertinsky - Fathum - End Titles